Ashley is a character in Mal and Chad, and Megan's friend.


Ashley is one of Megan's best friends, In Belly Flop!, she sullenly tells Mal not to get his hopes up and that he's not "cool enough" to be a friend of Megan's or invited to her party. Later in the book, when Mal asked what Mal was doing, she shooed him away.

As shown, she thinks girls are better than boys, and stays very close to Megan. As in Food Fight!, when Mal joined the club, she wasn't cool with it. She stuck with the rule of no boys allowed.

In Belly Flop!, she was actually the one who gave Mal that nickname, afternoon he landed in the pool.


  • She called Roger the "Glasses Kid" in Belly Flop!
  • A girl who looked like Ashley appeared in the Biggest, Bestest Time Ever. It is unknown if it was really her.
  • She thinks that Megan has nothing better to do than hang out with her and Carly.