Carly is a recurring character in the Mal and Chad series and is one of Megan's best friends.


Besides Ashley, Carly is Megan's best friend. In Food Fight!, they formed a secret club. Ashley said that since Mal wore a robe (lab coat) and was a boy, he could not be in the club. It was unknown if Carly and Meg approved of this rule. Once Chad's giant cat monster had escaped his dream, it had attacked Carly and her friends at their slumber party. While before, Mal sought a note saying that Carly's mom was hosting a slumber party at their secret clubhouse.

When the monster attacked, the entire clubhouse fell down and Carly's mother fainted. Mad and Chad successfully defeated the monster. Because of his bravery, Mal was let into the club. The vote was two to one. Ashley wasn't cool with it, so Carly has supported the vote.

In Belly Flop!, Ashley again took over. She had an idea of giving Megan, her and Carly a frilly outfit for the upcoming cheerleading act at the talent show. Megan and Carly didn't have a chance to show their true feelings about it, again.


  • Besides Megan and Mal, Carly was one of the only characters to have one of her parents appear in the series.